Students choose between this module and the Advanced Recording module depending on experience.
Module Aims
Provides students with an advanced overview of recording technologies and techniques, sufficient to enable them to operate as music producers within a recording environment.
Content Summary
Contextualisation of sound recording engineering and music production paradigms, technological development, contemporary technologies within a modern recording studio, operational/management and safety issues, pre- and post-recording techniques, ‘front-end’ and ‘back-end’ technologies, multi-session & multi-track techniques, mixing/editing, and delivery systems.
Assessment Criteria
Practical assessment 1 – 25%
Practical assessment 2 – 25%
Practical assessment 3 – 50%
Reading List
Bartlett, B and J Bartlett, Practical recording Techniques, Focal Press 2002 3rd ed.
Borwick, J Sound Recording Practice OUP 1996 4th ed.
Eargle J, The Microphone Book, Focal Press 2001
Huber, D, and RE Runstein Modern Recording Techniques Focal Press 2001 5th ed.
Moylan, W. The Art of Recording: Undertsanding And Crafting The Mix, Focal Press 2002
Rumsey, F and T. McCormick, Sound and Recording: An Introduction, Focal Press 2002 4th ed.



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