HART – History, Analysis, Repertoire & Theory

Module Aims
To challenge student’s understanding of the foundations of sound and music across several genres and disciplines, allowing greater creative control over generative tangibles.
Content Summary
This module will explore key areas related to music and sound, across a number of postgraduate music/sound programmes. It will cover key historical developments with current manifestations. Through analysis, it engender critical appraisal and develop individual technique. This will be underpinned by extensive repertoire studies, within a theoretical framework.
Assessment Criteria
Oral Assessment – 40%
Written Assignment – 30%
Written Assignment – 30%
Reading List
Cunningham, M. (1999) Good Vibrations: History of Record Production, Sanctuary Publishing
Massey, H. (2000), Behind the Glass: Top Record Producers, Backbeat Books
Burgess, R. J. (2005) The Art of Music Production, Omnibus Press7Martin, G. (1995)
All You Need Is Ears, Saint Martin’s Press



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