Electronic Music -V- Rock ‘n’ Roll (show down time)


Electronic Music -V- Rock ‘n’ Roll
Show Down Time

The other day I had a bit of down time & one thing I usually do in my down time is watch TED talks online! You know the ones?!? (If not, google TED talks and rock your world!) Anyway I came across a talk that Mark Ronson did, he is a famous music producer & D-J responsible for Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” album (Also one of my heroes!) his talk on sampling and how artists chop/cut/edit old hits to make now fresh new grooves / songs & as a producer that uses lots of samples I found it very inspiring! Please if you get this time check out the link!

Anyway… … … Not the reason for this blog! Although “sampling could be a awesome topic for discussion! (How Controversial)

As Mark Ronson makes his way through his TED talk…

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