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I have always loved film music; it can play a vital part of the emotional experience and engagement of a film, but is also just great to listen to in isolation as a wonderfully composed piece of music. In fact, the music can often elevate a film from feeling better than it actually is and rescue some shoddy screenwriting or directing. Though however, sometimes a wonderful score is completely wasted in the film it is in, and it is best just to listen to the album and forget about the film. Here are my five favourite scores of 2014 so far that I have been listening to on a very regular basis and I recommend them highly to all other lovers and appreciators of film music.

5. You and the Night – M83


After his epic score for the big budget Oblivion last year (which in my view was one…

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Sculptural Dissonance: Hans Zimmer and the Composer as Engineer

Sounding Out!

Sculpting the Film Soundtrack

Welcome to our new series Sculpting the Film Soundtrack, which brings you new perspectives on sound and filmmaking. As Guest Editor, we’re honored and delighted to have Katherine Spring, Associate Professor of Film Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University. Spring is the author of an exciting and important new book Saying it With Songs: Popular Music and the Coming of Sound to Hollywood Cinema. Read it! You’ll find an impeccably researched work that’s the definition of how the history of film sound and media convergence ought to be written.

But before rushing back to the early days, stick around here on SO! for the first of our three installments in Sculpting the Film Soundtrack.

– NV

It’s been 35 years since film editor and sound designer Walter Murch used the sounds of whirring helicopter blades in place of an orchestral string section in Apocalypse Now, in essence blurring the boundary between…

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