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Brand new Music Royalty-free website launched!

Dimos Stathoulis

Dear world ,

We ‘d like to invite you to join our royalty – free music e-SHOP , a site dedicated in providing high quality music for all media related professionals (Game developers,advertisers, animation makers,film producers etc). The music is produced by Dimos Stathoulis and partners and is categorized by genre and sub-genre.

Additional data are provided on each track such as length,tempo and a full description about its styl, recommended use etc..

Dont forget to visit our wishlist page, a feature that we think you ‘ll love.
You like our work and would like to stay updated with new music releases?

Dont forget to subscribe and take advantage of the offers provided to subscribers such as free tracks, bundle offers etc.. Know that we take your privacy seriously and we will NOT share your e-mail with noone else.

Thank you for your interest and…

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