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19 Brian Eno Quotes for Studio Inspiration

19 Brian Eno Quotes for Studio Inspiration


How to make yourself a more attractive studio partner

Recording Entrepreneur

Renting a studio on a dry hire rate is cool for bigger budget projects, but it’s expensive as hell and in my experience, it’s much more rewarding to move into an already established studio, sharing the space with other engineers and contributing to the rent and bills. How do you convince someone that you’re worth taking on?

Gear, clients and the willingness to contribute.

Can you fill a gap in the studio’s equipment locker? I know I bang on about gear, but having a solid set up for tracking electric guitars has helped me out a lot in these kind of situations, and I’m more than happy to share everything I use with the other engineers at the studio. What can you provide?

Clients! It’s a tricky thing when moving into an established studio, you definitely don’t want there to be an overlap in the sort of clients you have…

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