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Studio & Equipment Booking

Booking a Studio

  1. Guide To Checking Studio Timetables Online
  2. Go to web address HTTP://
  3. Click the link “2013/2014 web timetable”
  4. Select Home Organisation and log in
  5. Click “search by room”
  6. In the top drop down box, change the filter to “Atrium”
  7. In the 2nd box, select the room timetable you wish to check (refer to attached room list)
  8. Click the required room number to highlight in blue
  9. To check multiple rooms (e.g. control room and live room) hold CTRL and click additional room(s)
  10. In 3rd box, scroll down until you see the w/c date for the week you wish to check (e.g, to check Wednesday 12th October, highlight option for “w/c Monday 10th October”)
  11. To see the availability of weekends, change the option in drop down box 4 to “Monday to Sunday”
  12. Leave the final drop down box at the default option “All Day 08:00 – 21:00”
  13. Click the tick box next to “grid style” to see a graphical representation of the timetable
  14. Check for empty spaces matching your needs
  15. If you require two rooms (e.g. control and live room), please ensure the times and days match in both rooms
  16. Make a note of required day, date, time and room number(s) and either call into office CB216a; call 01443(66)6819; or email booking to
  17. The person in charge of the technical team responsible for these room bookings is Simon Cullen.


Equipment Booking Information

We have moved the majority of our equipment to the Media Loans section of the library. This includes microphones, session boxes, XLR cables (bookable in boxes of 8), portable recorders and synths (such as the Tenorion and Kaos Pad).

This means that almost all equipment bookings can be executed online using the CONNECT 2 system. In order to use CONNECT 2, you will need to get an account set up at the loans desk. After that, you can book out required equipment via this link:

This system makes it possible to book equipment for loan well in advance of sessions. It also limits loans to a finite number of days (1 day, 3 day or 7 day), as well as automatically fining those who return beyond the due-date.

Please come to the Media Loans desk (located in the library) to set up a CONNECT 2 account.


Certain items are not available to be booked from media loans/CONNECT 2

Guitars, jack cables, loose headphones (i.e. not as a set within a session box) and keyboards (such as the Junos) are available to book from CB216A (they are not online).

All microphone stands are still in the live rooms.

Cymbals and snares will have to be supplied by students for acoustic drum-kits in the rehearsal rooms.


Evening/ Weekend Bookings

Bookings must be made by 5pm on the day of the session at the latest, or by 5pm on Friday evening if it’s a weekend booking. Students/staff will find their evening/weekend equipment in room CB305. Reception are aware of this and will provide a key. Equipment must also be returned to this room at the end of the session. This also goes for the studio drum-kit; this is bookable via CONNECT 2, but is to be returned in its appropriate cases to this room.