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Sound Man by Glyn Johns

Music of Our Heart

I have many music books and never enough time to read them all. I am thankful for my extensive music library.

I have been reading and reflecting on the best music books of 2014. One book title that really stands out is Sound Man by Glyn Johns.

Glyn Johns has been behind the soundboard recording dozens of monumental recordings in the annals of rock music.  His work evidences the midas touch of Sir George Martin, Eddie Kramer, Rick Rubin and T-Bone Burnett.

If I had to name my favorite Glyn John’s recording it would be Who’s Next. Every time I hear the songs from this album I understand unequivocally why rock and roll resonates in my soul.

“Sound Man opens with a declaration: A record producer has to have an opinion and the ego to express it more convincingly than anyone else. So Glyn Johns has stood his ground with a…

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Electronic Music -V- Rock ‘n’ Roll (show down time)


Electronic Music -V- Rock ‘n’ Roll
Show Down Time

The other day I had a bit of down time & one thing I usually do in my down time is watch TED talks online! You know the ones?!? (If not, google TED talks and rock your world!) Anyway I came across a talk that Mark Ronson did, he is a famous music producer & D-J responsible for Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” album (Also one of my heroes!) his talk on sampling and how artists chop/cut/edit old hits to make now fresh new grooves / songs & as a producer that uses lots of samples I found it very inspiring! Please if you get this time check out the link!

Anyway… … … Not the reason for this blog! Although “sampling could be a awesome topic for discussion! (How Controversial)

As Mark Ronson makes his way through his TED talk…

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